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Studi Professionali Integrati provides advice to companies, bringing together Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Labour Consultants and other specialized professionals in a single, lean and highly efficient organization.

Studi Professionali Integrati was set up in 2000 through the initial collaboration of a number of Chartered Accountants and Lawyers; it subsequently developed – according to an innovative approach to professional services intended as support to the overall management of Businesses, – by including other professionals with different expertise, education and experience.

Through the centralization of different services in a single operational point, Studi Professionali Integrati offers companies an original and advantageous approach, by pursuing the effectiveness of the proposed solutions and the financial sustainability of costs for customers.

Professionals at Studi Professionali Integrati share the same principles of professional ethics, which also include the most recent issues of sustainable development, and view the values of traditional culture, independence and personal relationships as true operational tools.